Sunday, June 29

Be Free, Stay Free, Look Gorgeous In & outside

Hello my darlings :)
How are you doing?
It's been a bit of a busy week for me over here, but happy with my progress.
Have you ever find yourself in a position where you really want to do your very Own thing?
Like, not really having to wake up early and going to work.... or just not going to your overnight shifts?.
And just saying f**all I'm not working for you anymore, I am my own boss and I control my work. I am FREE.... Well, that's exactly how I've been feeling for a long while.
Even though I love what I do, there's a point in your life where you STOP , wonder and ask yourself:
" Is this r e a l l y what I want? I mean,,, do you really want to spend the rest of your life working in an office from 9 to 5? or working at your hospital shifts 20 hrs a day, non-top?...

I decided that in my life  I wanted more. I wanted more than working endless hours and helping others.
I decided to help myself first, and take action on that. Which is not really easy but hey!, there's always a time to start and pursue your dreams, achieve your goals, and succed.... succeed personally, suceed by being happy, succeed by loving what you do.

I am in that process now, and you know what?.... Happiness is within US, only Us. We all have that diamond ready to shine. You just need to take out all the dust accumulated along the years.... How to do it?
Well, start by having some time On your Own... YES, Just Y O U. Enjoy your surrounding, your time, go out for a walk, in a park, at the beach.... go to your favourite spot. or kisten to your favourite music and let things be. ACCEPT things as they are, and just let it be.
Then, pamper yourself.... SPOIL YOU, give you what you deserve.
You ARE Beautiful, You ARE Gorgeous and YOU Deserve The BEST.
And you Can Get The BEST.

And hey!, pamper you?... I mean, who doesn't like going shopping? buying some clothes?, some jewellery?, some make up??
I'll just give you some ideas here. I am a big fan of make up and over all--- Eye Mascaras.
If you want to know me, this is your chance to see who's behind this blog.

I am personally hosting an online Party with fantastic Natural BEauty Products.. So take a look and.... Pamper Yourself!!



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