Wednesday, April 17

Pursuing a Dream. A bless or a threat?

She was driving her bike, focused in her dreams and goals....
She kept driving while her life was passing by, day by day...
But she didn't want that normal ordinary life. She always wanted more, and she was ready to do anything to make her dreams come true.
People used to say she was crazy, but she kept sure with the decisions she took.
People said it was too risky. But every risk worths when something better comes.
People said she shouldn't go and keep safe around the people she knew and loved her so much. But she kept stubborn and choose the unknown, the adventures and a time flirting with loneliness while her new life would take form. She was Strong. She felt unvencible.
She had so much dreams, So much goals. Such a brave girl having faith in herself and in love.
She was so..... Stupid sometimes.
So while having all these thoughts Something knock her bike and she crashed.

She crashed, she was hurted, more than any other times. But.... She stood up and kept riding. Always stubborn, always with that bit of faith feeding her steps.

But, at some point. She doubted. It all became confusing and a bit scary.
Suddenly pursuing her dream became more like a threat risking her currently happiness.
And the more she tried to make it up convincing herself it was just a silly fear, the more convinced she was, that path it was probably a wrong one.

She is aiming for a new life, a fresh start, a reborn. But, for X reasons, bunny makes things so harder, so sad. That she wonders if she really wants to leave it all... Is it worth to be what she always dreamed in her whole life at the cost of a miserable unloving existence?. Even if it's for a while, that chick does not deserve it. She deserves to be cared, loved, with a lot of support around -which is exactly what she has-. She deserves a promise of good happy times. No more bitterness...

Ain't your dreams led you to happiness? How come it doesn't feel like that for her anymore?
She's dissappointed, she is loosing faith... She wishes some kind of sign could tell her "Don't worry chick, you WILL be fine. Things will be ok and U'll be happy". But there are no signs...

I wish she could have both normally, the strenght to make her dreams come true plus the support and love in her life, just like any other person. But... she is not like any other person.
This chick, For God's sake She IS special and she deserves a whole world of happiness.

I wish this chick could figure things out,
I wish this chick finds what she is looking for,
I seriously wish this chick makes THE BEST of her life.


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