Sunday, July 28

And I want to Thank You... ♪

(Hi everyone I.known it's been a long while but I.just found this post on my drafts from july last year so I decided I'll post it anyway :))
For Giving me the Best lessons of my life.
So this Cinderella Story begun about 4 yrs ago....
and It got to its end.... a Very HAppy ending, but not exactly the one people expects ;).
What can I say? or, better yet... what can I NOT say?

It was like those kind of weird movies u watched.... lovely start, u almost fell inlove of the personajes.
Amazing story, heart and flowers al around. Then turns into a tricky thing.... bling, bling, bling!. Oh no, actually that´s so freaky!. And byt the end of the movie. Everything was a fucking mess. then u start wondering....
"WHAT??.... like... Wtf??....did I REALLY wasted my tame watching this stuff? ... I mean... duh!
Well my darling, I am Sorry to tell you but yes. You wasted your fucking timewith that guy.
But hey, u have to be fair too!.

the first step to move on is understanding what stopped you,
step number two, work on that
step number three, Take care of yourself.


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